At first a Travel name, Ayack became a true identity. And it finally became preeminent in the creative and adventurous side of my life : Sailer and smith, lover of the many ways to work with my hands.
After a youth without grand moves, I came to meet Africa, its eastern part mostly. I was touched, shifted upside down, soul bled... Never was I left undifferent ! For good or bad, I changed. And so did my path in life.
Much later, after many forks and meanders I became acquainted with black smithing in China. I took this home and built on it. Often, interrupted by my sailing and adventurous life abroad, I always was glad to go back to this creative side of my personality.
Woodwork, metal smithing, leather and sail sewing work...

Now based outside of Bordeaux, France, I carry on and am trying to further this idea of creating. In this, and since the beginning, I decided that giving new life to old materials was to be central in my work. Living in a society where everything is throwable, it became a point I had to make. Not professional, some might say, I think the aim to repurpose and transform is surely a challenging and interesting one.

Now if you feel like this way of thinking, producing, and consuming resonate in you, and that a knife, a corkscrew or another custom project needs exploring and developing, then hit me up either by email or on my instagram

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I am currently available for work and would love to hear from any interested parties about prospective projects. Feel free to contact me any time to discuss options.